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Tradescantia Nnanouk

The tradescantia nanouk is a beautiful plant with striped green and pink leaves. This plant can grow as a vine in a hanging basket and makes a great houseplant.

Caring for tradescantia

1) They do well in well draining soil mix

2) Tradescantia are great beginner plants, they are tolerant to underwatering and overwatering and are easy to propagate via stem cuttings

3) Fertilise regularly to induce prolific growth and blooming. Feeding them once or twice a month with houseplant feed diluted to half the recommended strength.

4) Tradescantia does well in full sun conditions, showing vibrant colours

5) You will need to repot the plant when roots circling the bottom of the pot, or growing out of the drainage holes

Join our Plant care group for more tips, link the description below! 😁


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