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Tillandsia capillaris

Tillandsia capillaris is native to southern and western South America (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador), where it grows as an epiphyte at 0-2000 meters from sea level. The coral-like leaves grow in branch form to give this air plant a very interesting look. Your Capillaris clump will continue to grow new pups to make it a bigger clump over time.

Caring for tillandsia

1) Fully submerge them in water for 2-3 minutes every week. Shake out the excess water, hang them upside down and place in a brighy, airy location to airdry them

2) They are susceptible to rot when the air is stagnant

2) Bright filtered light or indirect light is ideal

3) Avoid glass terrariums as it promotes a stagnant and wet condition which can lead to rot, fully airdry them before putting them back into the terrarium

4) Fertilise with half strength orchid/airplant fertiliser every 2 weeks

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