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Sedum Takisimense Atlantis

Sedum takisimense atlantis is a compact, evergreen perennial to around 30cm tall forming rosettes of succulent, scallop-edged leaves. The variegated leaves have green centres and wide, creamy-yellow margins and may become flushed with pink in autumn.

Caring for sedum

1) Their active growing stage is during cooler periods. During hotter periods, they are dormant and very sensitive to extreme heat.

2) Sedums propagate freely by fallen leaves as well as by seeds and stem cuttings. They spread quickly on the ground. Sedums typically have shallow root systems and grow best when crowded in groups.

3) Sedum succulents thrive in gritty, inorganic soil mixes. Never let the soil become waterlogged and make sure your pots always have a drainage hole.

4) Use very diluted fertilisers infrequently, sedums are very low maintenance succulents. Make sure to thoroughly water your sedum after you fertilize because they are susceptible to burning.

5) They aren’t very heat tolerant, they still need at least 4 hours of it every day. Protect them from the afternoon sun.

6) Provide it with lots of ventilation because stagnant air leads to a buildup of harmful bacteria and fungus which can lead to rot.

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