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Sansevieria Rorida

Sansevieria Rorida is one of the unique and beautiful sansevieria around. Formerly known as Lavranos 23319, from Somalia. Leaves are bluish in color. It is unusual because offsets from the mother plant and leaf propagations produce small plants with fan-like shape leaves. Normally, leaf progation produce plantlets with rosette forming leaves.

Caring for sansevieria

1) Sansevieria are generally tolerant of low light conditions, but leaf colours are more vibrant in brighter conditions. But over exposure of direct sunlight can cause browning of the edges of the leaves.

2) Ensure good drainage, Sansevieria can be potted in cactus soil mix but they are prone to rot when the soil is excessively wet or waterlogged.

3) Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering until the water drips out of the drainage hole. Water only when the soil is dry. Make sure you let the water drain away fully, do not let the plant sit in water as this may cause the roots to rot.

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