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Rebutia minuscula

Rebutia minuscula is a small clumping cactus species, widespread and extremely variable that has received numerous unnecessary names. Some of its variable forms don't look like the same species. It is a small solitary or mound-forming cactus. It grows quite close to the ground and offsets only with age. It would appear that in cultivation they grow larger and cluster more vigorously than in habitat. It is a prolific bloomer.

Caring for rebutia:

1) 3-4 hours of direct sunlights and partial shade during the afternoon

2) It needs a very permeable, coarse mineral soil as well as to be strictly kept dry throughout the dormant period as it is very sensitive to any moisture excesses

3) To prevent rot, it is advisable to surround its base with very rough sand or grit, this increases water drainage and air circulation.

4) This species is usually grafted to avoid root problems. It can also be propagated by seeds.

5) Water moderately in the growing season

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