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Pachyveria muelleri

Pachyveria muelleri is a hybrid with parentage of Pachyphytum oviferum x Echeveria derenbergii. It has a lovely rosette with plump leaves covered in a layer of farina. The leaves turn a bright shade of pink when exposed to sufficient sunlight.

Caring for pachyveria

1) Avoid prolonged sun exposure for variegated species as it can lead to sunburn

2) Minimise rain splash to prevent rot

3) Use inorganic, well draining, gritty mix

4) Always use a pot with drainage hole to prevent waterlogging of soil that will suffocate the roots

5) Give at least 4-5hours of direct morning sun or 8-12 hours of growlight to prevent etiolation

6) Propagate by stem cuttings, leaf or seeds

7) Avoid spraying with water or oil-based products as the farina will be destroyed

😎 It is advisable to provide temperature of 20-25 degrees celsius as variegated species are prone to heat and sunburn

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