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Mammillaria lenta

Mammillaria lenta is a very slow growing succulent that branches basally to form quite large flat-topped mounds of off-white to white with age. Some plants will begin to offset when just a few cm across, while others are more reluctant to produce offsets. Slower growing than Mammilaria plumosa. Produces rings of large pure white flowers with a purplish-pinkish stripe.

Caring for mammilaria

1) Do not mist or spray as the fine hairs will trap water, which induces a magnifying effect under direct light, causing sunburn damage

2) Use the "soak and dry" method to water

3) Mammillaria blooms prolifically when fertilised regularly using water soluble fertilisers with even NPK ratio or osmocote

4) Mammillaria is prone to rot in waterlogged conditions, use 50% inorganics in the soil mix

5) Mammillaria can be propagated by seeds or pups

6) Mammillaria only blooms when it is exposed to sufficient direct sunlight, optimum sunlight exposure is at least 5-6 hours. Avoid direct afternoon sun exposure.

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