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Lapidaria is a monotypic genus of dwarf succulent plants in the family Aizoaceae. The only species it contains is Lapidaria margaretae, also known as the Karoo rose.It often grows near other stone-like succulents, such as Lithops species.

Caring for lapidaria

1) Make sure that there is enough and even sunlight exposure to maintain the form and colour of the plant. Keeping them under shade will cause the leaves to turn yellowish and elongated.

2) Although this plant likes it warm and humid, the extreme heat of summer leads to dormancy. The optimal growing temperature is 15-20 degrees celsius.

3) The best way to propagate is by seed using the same method as growing Lithops. Seeds are sown in a coarse well-draining medium, usually made of pumice, sand, and grit.

4) Water them during the growing season once or twice a week. The watering needs depend on the humidity levels. Make sure the soil dries out entirely between each watering.

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