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Huernia oculata

Huernia oculata, with its unique looking flowers, is one of the most gem like of all. The corolla is blackish purple velvety with a pure white centre which has given rise to the saying that the flowers are like an eye. It is closely related to Huernia hislopii. It is a compact succulent plant, of dwarf habit, readily offsetting to form low growing clumps 10 (or more) cm in diameter up to 7 cm high.

Caring for huernia

1) Use unglazed pots as they do not trap moisture

2) Use well draining cactus soil mix

3) Huernia does not like the soil to be too wet and hence, you need to water it sporadically. In the summer growing season, water the plant only when the top 2 inches of the soil is completely dry.

4) Make sure to fertilise once every 2 weeks with a balanced cactus fertiliser that is well diluted

5) Choose a place for these succulents that receives bright, indirect sunlight. However, make sure to not expose it to direct sunlight because it can make it susceptible to rot and disease

6) The stem will etiomate and turn light green if it is not receiving sufficient light

7) Overwatering can lead to rot in the stem of the huernia. You will be able to identify this right by seeing dark spots on the stems😎 Propagate Huernia using stems. Cut an offshoot from a mature Huernia plant and let the stem callous by putting it in a paper towel. Once the stem is dry, poke it in a pot with a fresh cactus mix. In the initial stages of growth, keep the soil slightly damp and wet to induce root growth

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