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Hoya thomsonii

Hoya thomsonii is a native of India and has been widely disseminated to China and Thailand. The plant is named after its co-discoverer T. Thomson with the other plant hunter named J. D. Hooker. The leaves are pubescent and vary widely in size; with some silver flecks on many of them.

Caring for Hoya

1) This slow-growing species is a popular indoor plant. It is placed on window sills, in hanging baskets or trained against small trellises.

2) Plant in well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soil of 1/3 orchid soil mix and 2/3 potting mix (pH 6 - 7.5). Space individuals 7 - 15 cm apart. This species is intolerant of waterlogging, so allow the soil to stay slightly dry.

3) For potted plants, water when the top 3 cm of soil becomes dry.

4) Lightly feed plants every month with a half-diluted general fertilizer. This species will grow and flower best if kept rootbound. Avoid moving the plant when flower buds have formed. Do not remove old floral stalks, as new buds will form from it.

5) They are usually resistant to pests, but monitor them for scale insects and mealy bugs.

6) Propagate by seed, leaf cuttings or herbaceous / woody stem cuttings. Seeds do not store well, so sow them soon after harvesting. Take care that cutting the plant will cause a toxic latex sap to leak from the wound.

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