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Euphorbia lactea, or Mottled spurge

Euphorbia lactea, or Mottled spurge, is a deciduous, spiny, usually leafless, cactus-like succulent shrub or small tree. It can grow to a height of 15 feet, but is typically maintained as a 1 to 2 foot houseplant. The plant has spiny stems and mottled branches that are green with white lines, sometimes growing in a crested (cristate) form.

Caring for euphorbia

1) Expose to full to partial sunlight. Provide direct sunlight at least 3-5 hours of the day, and turn the pot regularly so that the stem doesn’t begin to grow lopsided.

2) It grows well in well-draining, gritty soil or cactus potting mix. They are not particular about soil pH, but they cannot tolerate wet soil.

3) Allow the soil to dry out between each watering. Do not water too often to prevent overwatering, that can potentially cause the stem to rot.

4) Fertilize every two weeks with a diluted balanced liquid fertilizer during its growing season

5) It can be easily propagated by cuttings, allow the sap to dry first before propagating

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