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Crassula rogersii

Crassula rogersii has thick, green, oval foliage covered with a soft velvet. Moderate stress from bright sun or drought can bring out warm pink flushing on the leaf tips. Fragrant clusters of white, star-shaped blooms tend to appear in winter. This species makes an excellent houseplant.

Caring for crassula

1) They need 4-6 hours of light to prevent etiolation. Too much intense sun can damage these succulents, so it is best not to place them in direct sunlight for long periods. They prefer indoor locations with lots of indirect sunlight, such as windowsills or other areas where it is bright but not intense.

2) Etiolation will lead to brittle stems and poor growth

3) Crassula needs a well draining soil. A well draining soil is very important because these plants are susceptible to root rot. Use a 2:1 solution of cactus mix and perlite. Using a sandy soil is also highly recommended.

4) Although these plants are highly adapted to dry weather conditions, they do much better when given sufficient amounts of water. Water every 7-10 days or 14 days depending on the ventilation in your area. The top inch of the soil needs to be dry before it can be watered again. Avoid watering around leaves because this will cause leaf spots and rot on stems near the damaged area.

5) Potting and repotting Crassula rogersii should be done every year or two, so the roots have the space they need to grow. Repotting is necessary because crassula rogersii grows quickly, and if it outgrows its container, it will start dying back.

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