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Crassula Moonglow

Crassula Moonglow is a very attractive and drought-tolerant succulent with very thick green/grey leaves staked densely on the stem. These leaves are densely covered with the short hairs just like velvet. Crassula Moonglow is a hybrid between the crassula Deceptor and crassula falcate.

Caring for crassula

1) They need 4-6 hours of light to prevent etiolation. Variegated moonglow is extremely vulnerable to sun damage, avoid afternoon sun.

2) Etiolation will lead to brittle stems and poor growth

3) Crassula needs a well draining soil. A well draining soil is very important because these plants are susceptible to root rot. Use a 2:1 solution of cactus mix and perlite. Using a sandy soil is also highly recommended.

4) Although these plants are highly adapted to dry weather conditions, they do much better when given sufficient amounts of water. Water every 7-10 days or 14 days depending on the ventilation in your area. The top inch of the soil needs to be dry before it can be watered again.

Propagating crassula

Obtain a stem and let it dry for a few hours to a day. Obtain cuttings from healthy looking plants, not dehydrated ones.

(Optional) Dip the cut end in rooting hormone.

Once the cut has healed and dried, stick the cuttings in a well-draining potting mix or lay the leaf cuttings flat.

Keep away from direct sunlight. Water or mist the soil every few days.

After about two weeks or so, you will notice new roots growing.

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