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Cotyledon Undulata

Cotyledon undulata, also known as silver crown or silver ruffles, is a small succulent shrub up to 50 cm tall. It has unusual grey undulating leaves that give it a very sculptural shape. Cotyledon undulata is perhaps the most widely grown Cotyledon. The stems are covered with a thick, white, coating. The leaves are shaped like scallop shells, grey-white to blue-grey, with wavy edges and a powdery waxy coating over the whole leaf.

Caring for cotyledon

1) Cotyledon are winter growers, keep temperatures between 15-25°C. They go into summer hibernation when temperatures go above 28°C

2) Cotyledon can only be propagated by stem cuttings or seeds

3) They are sensitive to heat, avoid direct intense sunlight. Morning sun or growlights are more suitable

4) Use 100% inorganic potting mix as they are susceptible to rot and fungal infections

5) They take 3-4 months to root, and may consume a few leaves in the process

6) Do not water when dormant

7) In the active growth stage, only water when there are wrinkles on the leaves

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