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Aeonium leucoblepharum

Aeonium leucoblepharum has pointed leaves with a strong central stripe, and they may develops pinkish colour on exposure to strong sunlight. There are variants with less pointed leaves but still with the central stripe. The species is native to mountains in Yemen and north-eastern Africa, from Ethiopia and Somalia to Kenya and Uganda.

Caring for aeonium

1) Keep temperatures about 20-25°C, aeoniums are summer dormant.

2) Do not expose to intense sunlight to prevent sunburn.

3) Use at least 80% inorganic potting mix that is free draining and porous.

4) Place in bright and airy location with at 1-2 hours of direct sunlight.

5) Use a tall and narrow terracotta pot, it is susceptible to stem and root rot due to excess moisture in the soil

6) Fertilize once every 2 weeks during the active growth period with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.

7) It can be easily propagated by seed or by stem cuttings. Sow seed at 19-24ºC. Take cuttings of rosettes in the actively growing season and keep at 18ºC and barely moist until rooted.

After about two weeks or so, you will notice new roots growing.

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