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Adromischus subdistichus

Adromischus subdistichus has fibrous roots and little branches stems. The leaves are rounded, almost circular, dark green-grey, thick, with the margin turning purple-red on the upper part. This species is found in Witteberg quarzite leakes and in the summits flat areas of South-west Africa. It grows up to 1000 meters.

Caring for adromischus

1) Adromischus leaves will wrinkle if it is under direct sun for many hours a day. Ensure it receives a mix of direct and indirect sunlight.

2) Adromischus thrive in warm environments of about 24°C, place them in a sheltered environment away from splashing rain.

3) Water adromischus regularly (1-2 times a week) as they are heavy drinkers

4) Pot in well drained soil mix with at least 70% inorganics.

5) Adromischus is easily propagated via leaf or stem cuttings.

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