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New Premium Gift series for wedding, corporate functions and Christmas!

We found a new partner who specialized in Succulent gift set. They create exquisite gift sets using very colourful succulents.

The succulents were planted using moss, and we tested the samples over the last few weeks. We found that not only does the succulent survive well within the box, it also continues to retain its vibrant colours.

With that, we are getting ready for the year-end holiday seasons and created 2 series of gift boxes. The premium gift set is a wonderful piece for birthday, and major celebration. The small gift set are bested suited as wedding favor or door gift for various events.

This collection is guaranteed to look good, using healthy and colourful succulent.

It takes a lead time of 3 weeks to curate and ‘’cure" the wood to make sure that all the succulent is thriving before we deliver it to you. Do drop us a note if you have any questions

#1 Premium Gift Sets Collection

#2 Small Gift Sets Collection


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