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The Green Thumb Machine at Tampines Mall Level 3

The vending machine is finally all ready. The skin came on with the brand video today.

It can now accept all Credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and also Ezlink, Nets as well as Alipay. Beyond that, we have also future proof it for the Singapore QR code that is promised end of this year!

Besides the special LED growth light for the succulent, it also comes with an automated climate control system with ventilation and temperature sensor to keep the plant cool.

The beauty truly lies in the programming, it breaks down the barrier of online shopping with an offline experience. User can go online to choose the product based on its exact picture, pay for it online, and a pin code will be generated for them to collect it whenever they are ready. 

Similar, impulse buyer can also buy directly from the machine and subsequently scan a QR code to subscribe to our website for future discount and promotion. 

As we continue to evolve, we are looking to try out new method of analysing footfall traffic and even perhaps the facial expression of the users as they ponder on what to buy...

There are so much more we can do and all it takes is a little more imagination. Do send us your ideas and help us share what we love with more people.


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