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Succulent basics: how to care of your first succulent garden

Every succulent is different

For the beginner, things will usually starts off well until it starts to die....

Here's some things to note for keeping your succulent happy and healthy

1. Don't over water

Succulents like it dry. They grow like weeds. Wedged between crack in the sidewalks, spilling out of containers in the middle of the street, twisting out of hanging planters suspended from lamp posts.

If you live in a wetter climate like Singapore, let plants dry out thoroughly between waterings (those pillowy leaves hold moisture to use when they’re growing in the desert).

2. Let it bask in the sun

Give succulent plants as much sun as possible. They are desert plants and thrive in hot places with plenty of sunshine. 

3. Use unglazed pots

Planting succulents in unglazed pots can help them to drain completely and will prevent them from becoming waterlogged.

4. To space or not to space

 Give succulent plants room to breathe indoors. In outdoor settings, they can do well in crowded compositions, but in lower indoor light, it’s best to space them apart so that a maximum amount of sunlight can reach them.


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